Blocks stop going up on Block 2,570,066 for one hour

Blocks stop going up on Block 2,570,066 for one hour

Yes, our core developers are investigating the situation. Please stay tuned.

How long will it take to adjust? I want to know whether the nodes that are still alive until now can continue to participate in the contribution as long as the wallet.json and wallet.pswd are backed up.

@zbruceli stil blocked at “wait for sync”. I found some issues on the generation fo SSL Let’s encrypt because overused Let’s encrypt (requests are rate limited)…

It’s been since a couple of hours (more than 6) and we are still at block 2,570,067

How long does it takes to solve? You should allow miners to create for free a little bit of node as a remboursement… :smiley:

2570110 height In No blocks, no rewards

Yes,nothing. All My nodes still minging but for nothing.

Don’t know how long to recover

Only solution is wait,and I’m really not like this “NEW NODE NEW ID 10NKN” update.

Do you have a lot of nodes? The rules of the game are determined by nkn. In order to protect the weak, this is also a difficult decision.

We are in the middle of mainnet upgrade. Please be patient when the network stabilizes. It is not an easy task, considering we have over 100K nodes run by thousands of people.

For your info, we are in phase 2 of mainnet upgrade:

Nodes deployed up 2570000 still on generating ID…What should we do?

As we have entered phase 2 of the generate ID upgrade process, the foundation will pay for all qualified ID. Node that gets new ID will exit automatically (and restarted by system daemon) to use the new ID. This process will take quite a few days as we need to send one generate ID transaction per ID we pay. So please be patient.

I know that, and Thank you for all your efforts. My question is The nodes deployed up 2570000 which may still use old ID,these nodes can generate old ID automatically ? Then,I may want to use backup to these nodes before May 4.

What will be happening on May 4?