Just tested v2 running on mainnet. Working very well!

Pushed v2 onto Chrome just now. By Friday it might be out.

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The latest version is even better, two UI suggestion from my side.


As above showed
1: The top message “hello” be covered by the #test tab
2: The submit button a bit oversize, esp when adjust the windows size.

And it is still the best and real decentralization chat app I’v been seen. Thanks

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Lynn has released v2.6 for Firefox (Chrome will come a bit later, due to heavier approval process). In this release, there is faucet function so D-Chat users can get 0.00001 NKN into their wallet for subscribing to new channels. Thanks Lynn!

A few screenshots:
01%20AM 30%20AM 52%20AM


The feature seems to have disappeared.

From past experience, I (personally) know that I might chat privately with someone to regain a balance in my wallet, however:

  • I see no wallet and so, no balance

… and so on. I wonder, are other users stranded?

Alternatives to the faucet? (#12) · Issues · Lynn / D-Chat · GitLab

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There have been many software updates since you last visited. The faucet function is removed because:

  1. you can actually subscribe to a channel without fee, since the spamming has stopped due to our software updates
  2. Users in a group chat can tip you 5 sats, which will enable you to subscribe in case zero fee subscription did not get through

The latest d-chat should be version 4.9.1 or higher. If you look at the following screenshot, and click on the Home menu on the left, and click “more” you should find your NKN id, wallet address and all the other important information that were in Account previously.



Thanks, now I see why the wallet could not be found.

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