Dashboard not loading

I cant get the mining dashboard to load anymore…?
Its been like this for a few days, has anything changed?

Hi, the explorer has been working properly over the last few days. However today nknx team reported problem with the server hosting data center, which has network and power outage. They are fixing the problem.

This is from @ChrisT on Discord:

ChrisT | nknxToday at 6:48 AM

@everyone We have again some problems on our network site. Because the same error happened now three times in a row we will now move the server to a new data center. Sorry for the circumstances

Still getting the same result, just LOADING…


Yes the community developer nknx team has some problem with their server hosting site, and they are working on a fix.

At the mean time, you can use the basic explorer:


Any idea how much longer until the mining dashboard is working?

It should be working now

How do we access the old mining dashboard?
I used to go to beta.nknx.org/dashboard which still doesnt load, there does seem to be a link to dashboard at nknx.org but my login doesnt work here…?

nknx.org team had some problem with old servers, and need to migrate. so this is temporary, and the new servers do not have the old data yet. please come to our discord channel nknx for latest updates from our community developer @ChrisT and colleagues.