Digital Ocean 1 Click

I’m about to try Digital Ocean again now that Main Net has launched, when I look at a 1-click droplets the
only version is 0.7.3, is this the latest and is this setup for mainnet?
Where do I find instructions on how to install this? The ones on medium are old and seem out of date…


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TL:DR 1-click is getting updated for mainnet (expect another few days), but there is a workaround for now.

Here is the latest on everything 1-click.

1-click on DigitalOcean is fully updated to mainnet, and tested working properly

Setup a new node with Digital Ocean OK.
But when I click on to add my node to Node Manager it says site is down…?
Really? is undergoing some major upgrade for mainnet and development with new UI/UX. It should be back in August.

Oh wow, ok.
So, how do we check that my node is actually working?