Digital Ocean Node showing Error, how to reset/resolve?

My Digital Ocean node is showing an exclamation mark error, how do I resolve this?



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Sometimes has some transient state, and show this warning. Usually it goes away after some time.

If this error persists, you can consider going into Digital Ocean to reboot the machine by sliding the on green button as in attached screenshot.

I have rebooted the node at Digital Ocean as described twice now and still have the same result after refreshing, what else can be done?

I tested your node manually and it really seems that your node is not answering any requests.
That could have multiple reasons but all of them point to the fact that your nknc-service is not running on your droplet.

You can do some further analysis by ssh-ing into your nodes and check the output of nknc:

sudo journalctl --follow -o cat -u nkn.service

or the easiest way would just to delete the droplet and create a new one.

Hope that helps!

OK, I have destroyed it, whats the easiest way to create a droplet, I seem to remember there was a one click option but cant find it now.

This should help you :slight_smile:

I have heard Main net will launch in about a month, will we need to create a new droplet for that?
Just wondering if I should just wait…

Yes most likely we need to create a new droplet for mainnet, due to many incompatible changes from v0.8 testnet to mainnet. e.g. the wallet need to be re-created, the chain database is new, etc etc.

I have created the droplet but having trouble getting my wallet password file…

Docs say to use (I have added my ip):
scp [email protected]:/home/nkn/go/src/
But this gives a usage error, if I try
scp [email protected]:/home/nkn/go/src/ wallet.dat
No error but I cant find the file downloaded?