Generate ID

Always echo “GetID got resp: {“error”:{“code”:-45022,“data”:null,“message”:“No ID in this account, waiting for generate ID fee or generate ID transaction”},“id”:“1”,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”}”

But my wallet has 10.1nkn, and I’ve already added "RegisterIDTxnFee": 100 to config.json before start nknd

Additionally, I tried to run ./nknc id --genid --pubkey [my Target Pubkey] --regfee 10 --fee 0.1, but it showed error:


“error”: {
“code”: -1,
“data”: “duplicate GenerateID txns”,
“message”: “INTERNAL ERROR, Duplicate transaction”
“id”: “1”,
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”

I have no idea what happened and how to solve it all.

me too

Please follow the instructions here, there are two new lines in the config.json. The second option is to replace previous generate ID transaction with new one that pays tx fee.