Google Cloud 1-click error code -45022

Hi everyone,

I’m a newbie and today (April 30, 2021) i deployed NKN full Node with the NKN 1-click on MarkePlace.
After i accessed the VM instance and when i check the node status i receive the following error:
root@nkn-full-node-1-vm:/home/nkn/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node# ./nknc info -s
“error”: {
“code”: -45022,
“message”: “No ID in this account, waiting for generate ID fee or generate ID transaction”,
“id”: “1”,
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”

How can i solve this ?

Thanks in advance

The most noticeable change is adjusting Generate ID fee while invalidating all existing node ID. Please read more details about this security enhancement & what to do at