Guide: NKN’s official mainnet token swap tool

exchange order_no070823368553438 through process

I think it is safer to contact official support via email [email protected], in order not to expose your personal financial info. We can help you there.

Sorry to hear that the process is a bit complicated for you. The swap procedures are quite precise right now, mainly because NKN does not have an EVM compatible smart contract system and there are server side logic to make sure that orders can be matched and security are enforced.

Once you create the swap order, you do need to transfer the ERC-20 NKN tokens from your wallet to the payment address on the swap details page. Then the system will automatically swap the tokens for you. It seems your order needs your next step of transferring those ERC-20 tokens.

then what is the point of this?
NKN ERC20 payment address - I sent it to this address which I’m guessing is a smart Contract address.
this smart contract address now holds my NKN tokens I’m assuming. And since the amounts didn’t match I’m guessing something happened which I believe is an error in the actual smart contract. Does anyone there code solidity?
I sent it to this address that is specified in the order but the amount was different because I thought I had to increase my NKN amount when all I needed was Eth to pay for gas costs to do the transfer from metamask to the wallet which I could use for mining

Issue resolved via official support email [email protected]

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Why the Nkn mainnet token to nkn ERC 20 swaps are push ?