Is cloning a working node enough to have a new operating one?

I am in the latest stages of syncing my first node. As it is taking almost 48hours to sync, I was wondering if simply cloning that node would suffice to have a new one operative. Or would it be better to increase the resources of the working one?
Any suggested reading on this? (running on Google cloud)

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You can clone, but you need to change the local wallet file and password. Each node has to have its own unique id, which is associated with its wallet file and password.

And here is a good guide by community member to speed up your deployment:


Wow thnx for the mention, I was afraid noone is paying much attention to my thread :slight_smile: :grinning:


Using google cloud, I could even make more nodes and clone them, but at each cloned node would I have to make the SSH connection, delete the wallet, and create a new wallet for each node?