Need a little NKN to get started? We can help you!

You may be confused that a NKN node require 10 NKN but there is no way to get 10 mainnet NKN. Don’t worry, we can help you!

To get 10 mainnet NKN, you can buy from us. Choose a payment method that’s suitable for you to exchange your crypto or fiat for mainnet NKN! After payment, please send an email to [email protected] and leave your payment address and NKN address.

Payment Method

USDT TRC20: TVUhBrcybyJkKbMMgxz9pVZ5LWyRG6gLoC

Visa/MasterCard (Not Recommended): Send us an email for credit/debit card payment. We will send you a secure form to submit your payment request.

Bank Transfer (USD or EUR): Send us an email for that payment method.

Email: [email protected]

Send us $5 or equivalent for 10 NKN (prices may vary). Please do inform us after you make a payment!