NKN Mainnet Token Swap Update 2024

We are planning updates to the swap tool in general to improve liquidity in both directions. We are a bit limited by our engineering resource at the moment, but it is in the pipeline.

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Can you guys open mainnet to erc-20 swap in advance?

The liquidity problem could be solved with a liquidity pool

When does the token swap tool from mainnet to erc-20 open? At what time and in which time zone? It’s already May 17 2021 06:14 GMT and the token swap is still closed.

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30 NKN Fee? Really??

Have your checked the latest ETH gas fee? We are not trying to make money, simply to cover the ERC-20 token transfer fee. At 30 NKN, we are actually subsidizing the ERC-20 token transfer fee.

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 9.08.56 AM

Source: https://etherscan.io/gastracker

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Ah ok, the fee is to move them from the swap to our wallet… i thought the fee was for the swap too

Sorry, my bad :slight_smile:

Edit: i got Metamask wallet, it is ok? Then if i want to move them from metamask to an exchange i have to pay another fee? Why i can´t move them directly from the swap to an exchange?

Btw, i´m new to this kind of movements

Using exchange address as sending address for the NKN swap system is definitely a no no, because exchange use either same address for all users or a small pool of address for all users. Thus our swap system cannot distinguish who actually sent the tokens.

On the other hand, exchange addresses can be used for receiving nkn tokens since each account on exchanges will have its unique deposit address.

Ok, i will send the Mainnet NKN from my wallet (nMobile) to the swap, then i can put my Binance adress -for example- as the receiving adress for the ERC-20 NKN and it will be ok?

You should make this clearer in the swap tool. The current messaging makes it appear that exchange wallets is a no no for sending AND receiving.

It would also be great if you could post the open dates within the tool as well. I had to hunt for this post to double check the available ERC-20 dates.

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I did a token swap today.
But, I sent a different amount of tokens from swap order.

Please help me.
I sent a email to [email protected].


How many time it takes to make the swap? I´m waiting till the last second just to grabe any NKN i can so i pay the fee only once

In my opinion it’s unfair that the swap tool is always open for ERC20 => Mainnet, but for Mainnet => ERC20 only during the schedule.

The problem is that, while the tool is closed for Mainnet => ERC20, there are few people who will actually trade ERC20 for Mainnet tokens via the OTC market since they don’t need to and can convert automatically via the tool at any time. This puts us, who want to trade Mainnet to ERC20 into an unfair position.

Can you please either open the token swap tool from Mainnet to ERC20 permenantly, so that we don’t have to wait for 2 months in order to trade our Mainnet tokens to ERC20 or otherwiwse close the token swap tool also for ERC20 => Mainnet so that during the close times someone actually uses the OTC Market to obtain Mainnet tokens?

Also, is there some roadmap when are you planning to get the Mainnet token listed on some exchange like Binance, Coinbase or Huobi? Currently it’s available only on Upbit (which is mainly made for the local market in that part of Asia), where I tried to register but didn’t get past the ID verification because of some unknown reason.

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Hi, I’ve heard that Upbit has a bit difficult to get verified but it is possible after a few attempts. This will be the best way right now.

We do intend to expand the swap window for mainnet -> ERC-20 direction. Currently the limiting factor is our technical support resource: when the swap tool is open, there are always quite a few support requests by user mistakes or other errors. We have already improved in many ways, and gradually we can open longer time and more often.

Yes the ideal solution is to have major exchanges supporting both formats of NKN tokens. And we are working with several of them.

it’s almost September 22. And the exchanger has not been opened yet … :angry:

Why is the NKN Swap still closed?

Today is March 14th, 2022

It will be open later tonight March 14th California time.

Ok, ok;)

nscan.io | nScan.io - the official NKN explorer hasn’t loaded since swap opened on the 13th. Hard to swap when you cannot even check wallet. 3 years mining, make $30 yeah wow super excited much sarcasm ha ha lol

nscan.io has been fixed