[NKP0022] Minimum Staking Requirement for NKN mining

waiting for team decision :slight_smile: team did great job. All the best for NKN team for awesome tech.

We are implementing a NKN mining pool/farm with staking model, without changing the NKN POW consensus.

Here is what we trying to implement, each miner when joining the pool (after run docker swarm join …), will have a wallet on their server they fully control, the pool will pay NKN shares (PoS PPS) base on the amount of NKN in miner’s wallet address, 32NKN minimum for a miner node to get paid.

this model solve the fake traffic problem when mining pool pay it’s workers, because the more fake traffic generated, the more NKN need to be locked in the worker’s wallet.

I am a big believer in PoW, and changing the consensus is like the End of believe for me, so please let us try the NKN mining pool model experimentation, and save PoW.

All the Best, Long live NKN, Long live PoW!


Our NKN mining pool implementation, tested using docker swarm & portainer

version: "3.7"
    image: nknorg/nkn-commercial:latest-arm64v8
    restart: always
      hostnet: {}
      mode: global
        constraints: [node.platform.os == linux]
    command: "-b <beneficiary-addr> -d /data"
      - /root/nkn/data:/data
    external: true
    name: host

How to use?

Go to your Portainer, Endpoint -> Stacks -> add Stack

copy & paste the stack code above, and replace the beneficiary-addr to be your mining pool address.

wait for the stack to be deployed.

Congras, Now you can publish your docker join command for other miner to join your pool.

# login to swarm manager endpoint.
# use following cmd to get join token for worker
docker swarm join-token worker

Enjoy, and I hope NKN can be mining friendly to all small contributors!


Awesome work! Do you have a separated post just for your mining pool? I have a couple questions and it’s better to discuss about it in another dedicated post.

Thank you yilun for the support, here is the post