Uses for NKN lets brainstorm

Lets disscuse the potential of NKN and what can be done for mass adoption and use. I think the current uses of NKN is just beginning to scatch the surface. What ideas do you have for the NKN network.As an example I think website hosting on the NKN network is a great idea …what will it take to do this…another example is sharing my files on my NAS for NKN…Lets even look to 20 years down the road when the whole world is on chain…cars…IOT…etc how will NKN be apart of this and how to make NKN part of the future for networking. DO you have a use case lets hear it! :smile:


Multiplayer videogame connections could been a potential use. You could even try to do a global low latency server.

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Absolutely gaming is a crucial arena to move all crypto forward. Defi has pulled a lot of weight recently but blockchain gaming is what will move crypto to mainstream…I was looking at doing just that. I have a ton of great ideas just not the know how.Some templates or examples would be nice. :roll_eyes:

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F2F (friend 2 friend)needs to be implemented into the framework as individual nodes can form circles of trusted peers that can block bad actors and develop pure ecosystems. I wrote this up last night I have been developing my own project but NKN has the jump, it resembles my framework so I am very excited. Here’s a piece of my take on the f2f. A P2P network can be filtered of bad actors with F2F incorporated into the protocol.F2F is friend to friend and forms circles of nodes that can individually block peers. Eventuality the circles filter out noise and trolls. As these circles overlap the entire network becomes cleaned of noise and bad actors keeping it out of chaos. If chaos starts to occur the trusted over lapping circles fork the network leaving the bad actors all to themselves. Another plus side of the f2f is that pure ecosystems will emerge filtering even finer their segments or circles.I know that NKN uses Cellular AUTOMATA but I think f2f is compatible and necessary. As the network expands it will need pruning, AI is good to segment out sub nets but RI (Real Intelligence) a concept I have been working on is key. Let me know what you think. :+1:

I agree with you, Blockchain Gaming coud be such a revolutionary advancement to multiiplayer games. It could also implement a non fungible token system for addon contents created by the community.

Right.It seems most effort put into blockchain and gaming is gambling but I guess thats a start.

Next GTA will implement a cryptocoin in-game… don´t know much about it :slight_smile:

Pretty much the only cheat proof implementation of multiplayer games is a centralised authorative server model.

So a purely p2p model over NKN would not work for most online games, so that takes away the serverless advantages NKN has to offer for gaming.

A centralised dedicated server will have the better performance as well for realtime gaming.


There’s a lot of people in the world who needs privacy and security online (think whistleblowers, lawyers, activists, journalists, …). Most of the services they are using for now are centralized in a way or another. Using the NKN tech you can basically build the next Signal/Telegram, ProtonVPN/NordVPN, Dropbox, … with a better security and reliance…

Im on board with all the ideas previously addressed, and further implementation of NkN, after all its a New Kind :slight_smile: I do foresee the network expanding and segments used for gaming/trading/ research. I would like to stress anonymity. Privacy should not be a suggestion, it should be the core foundation of this new ecosystem. There is always a pro/con to things like privacy/obscurity online, however it should be the “Users” option to reveal themselves rather than simply conducting a reverse ip lookup or ( Insert haxx0r) tools here. What are we doing to make the NkNetwork a positive place for users to automatically associate it with a neutral place rather than a spin off from the “Darknet” which is painted in the news as a NEVER go there network.

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haha awesome TheAL. :slight_smile:

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The CIA triad
and might I add DECENTRALIZED

Baked in by default!!!

Privacy, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “the state of being alone” or “the state of being away from other people.” It’s about being able to reach a place of sanctuary where one is free from unauthorized intrusion or public attention. The same resource defines anonymity as “the quality or state of being unknown to most people” or “the quality or state of being anonymous.” The two are clearly different. Privacy is the ability to control what one discloses to whom and when, while anonymity is about one’s interactions with an environment of which one is part, but which one does not own or control. So you asked how does one keep the taint of darkweb off the project, it needs pr as a place of safety and sancuary where one is free to express ones self safely .

You could manage to run some kind of mostly decentralized multiplayer system using the most basical blockchain principles of security and blockchain integrity. Then use this tools to simply run a decentralized cloud server witch is formed by the instances of the game connected to the internet working as “nodes”. Anyway you should have a basic centralized infrastructure in case there are not enough players to supply the virtual server resources demand.

I think a bigger hurdle is to combat cheating in a p2p game. Game data is easily manipulated not to mention bots and cheats.

If you use node consensus, should be practically impossible to cheat wihout “forking” from the original server.

This is certainly a new beginnings of ideas and strategies :slight_smile: I’m definitely onboard

Realistically to start the game server could be central with NKN as payment medium for transactions. So lets say all the game clients annie up and high score wins server pays out the winnings. Peers can flag other players if cheating is suspected and AI logic could also catch cheaters. Even if game is is not multiplayer one could payout NKN for watching in game ads. Lets start small and work our way up. Key point how to incorporate NKN into gaming?

WE could even start using already developed games with server support ex. openra or freeciv and try to host and play a multiplayer game over the NKN network…any takers? The way I understand NKN is that any app can be accessed over the NKN seamlessly…lets try it with gaming…is it possible…I am still trying to wrap my head around it. The information on the technology is not very fluid an ideas would be appreciated.

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I haven’t worked with nConnect yet, but it should work on theory.

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