Windows Miner


Any news when the windows miner will be ready for Main Net?

It already is - I created one and updated my tutorial two weeks ago.

Hey Chris. Do you have a one-click idiot-proof setup available, or in the works? Could really help speed as well as the average joe get ticking over.

Where can we find that…?

Some tutorial that you can refer, although it is Chinese version, you can still get the steps with some translator (like google translate)

No luck with that, says config file not exists…?
Can admin PLEASE supply a link to the Windows Miner in English.

Download the config file from above link and rename it to config.json, then copy or move it to the directory of nknd, hope that is helpful for you.

OK, did that, it goes a bit further but now says:
“wallet file wallet.json does not exist, please create wallet using nknc.”
When I run nknc it flashes a window for half a second and closes?

nknc should be run under the command line mode by mannual

Can you please explain how to do this…
This is a windows install so i would have thought no command line entries would be needed and as I said the command window flashes for half a second and closes anyway so i cant enter anything. Or am i supposed to re-open a new command window?

Are there no step by step instructions ?

“wallet file wallet.json does not exist, please create wallet using nknc.”
how to fix it ?

Run “nknc” command to create the wallet file with correctly parameters.

Or copy a existed wallet file (it can be generated online - to the directory,