1st Reward

I currently have 5 Windows nodes running: Florida, Georgia, Texas, Toronto, and Mexico City.

Toronto relays the most by far: +600K/hour @ 42.7M since started.
Mexico City is next: +500K/hour @ 35.3M since started.

Mexico City got a block reward while I slept last night. SUCCESS. It is the last one I setup, but the first to get a reward. It is a Vultr VM as is Toronto, Texas and Georgia. Florida is running from my home on AT&T Fiber 1Gb.

Online time:
Florida = 7 days
Georgia & Texas = 4 days
Toronto & Mexico City = 3 days


Congratulation for your luck ! :four_leaf_clover:

My Vultr node in Texas got a reward overnight : 10.6 days online.