A Bitcoin Full Node RPC Service using TUNA

Why Use NKN Tuna?

Tuna allows full node operator to open their service for bitcoin developers to access RPC calls without running their full node, this especially useful for Wallet which can process smart contracts which need rpc calls directly to bitcoin full node.

How to Use the Service

Step 1, get tuna

git clone https://github.com/nknorg/tuna.git
cd tuna

Step 2, create services.json file

      "name": "owaf-bsv-fullnode-rpc",
      "tcp": [8332]

Step 3, create config.entry.json file

    "services": {
      "owaf-bsv-fullnode-rpc": {
        "maxPrice": "0.001",
        "ipFilter": {
    "downloadGeoDB": false,
    "dialTimeout": 10,
    "udpTimeout": 60

Step 4, run tuna

./tuna entry

Step 5, deposit NKN token to your wallet

Step 6, Congras, you can now call Bitcoin Full node RPC like it’s your locall full node.

# get TXID info
curl http://localhost:8332/rest/tx/${txid}.json. 2>/dev/null | json_pp

# get block binary
wget http://localhost:8332/rest/block/${blk_hash}.bin 

# for more RPC call please see


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Is possible create a game using NKN network? I want create a game using this network with Unity 3D.