Absolute disaster for the new guys to start mining NKN OCT2021

There’s so much room to grow when it comes to mining NKN.

Just spent 4 hours and about $80 to start mining NKN with no luck. The one-click solution sounds and feels like clickbait. Sure, it gives you two options, one with pre-built nodes on the google cloud platform, AWS, and on the digital ocean or the NKNx but fails to mention 10NKN is required to start. Also fails to mention you can’t transfer 10 NKN easily with Coinbase or Crypto.com wallets. Also fails to mention you need to use the swap. Just spent hours trying to set up mining watching outdated youtube clips, step-by-step instructions on Reddit, forums, medium.com.

It’s just so much easier to mine with GPU, earn interest, provide liquidity, yield farming on other swaps, exchanges than trying to mine NKN. Just the sheer number of problems in the forum that I have to scan to solve mining problems is downright discouraging. Mining BTC and ETH weren’t even this hard.

Creating an updated single-page complete guide to mining with user-friendly UI just might do the trick, and I’ve decided not to mine NKN and look for other mining opportunities. Good luck to you all with NKN mining.


Hello !

Did you check https://wiki.my-nkn.cloud ?

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I did, thanks. It’s just too many jumping thru hoops to start mining NKN. You would think mining would be as easy as just clicking a couple of buttons and paste wallet addresses after a decade of crypto mining but it’s not. CGminer is so simple as you already know. I’m shopping for alternatives such as Helium(HNT) at the moment, which is as easy as turning on tv with an antenna. To the moon.

Most difficult ‘one click’ set up yet. Would help if the tutorials weren’t 2 years outdated.

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