Adding token to wallet


Wanting to start node. Need tokens to initiate ID.
How to find KNK ERC20 address associated with wallet address?


Greetings obi1666!

NKN ERC-20 tokens cannot be sent to your local node wallet, you need mainnet NKN tokens in order to deposit them in that wallet.

This is where you can swap your ERC-20 into mainnet NKN tokens.

yes. thanks.

I have the KNK wallet address. I have KNK on an exchange. Here I think is the problem – they do not reveal KNK ERC-20 wallet address.

So - do I need to start an external wallet, whose ERC-20 address I DO know so I can use token-swap?

Yes, you’ll need a different wallet. Exchange wallets do not play nicely with the swap system since the send and receive actually have different addresses on an exchange. Those are generally custodial wallets, meaning you don’t have the keys to it. A wallet you have the keys to and supports the tokens will work much more nicely.

Any suggestions for supported wallets?

Strangely does not appear to support ERC-20 addresses. Perhaps I missed something?

Hello Obi1666

You can’t use your exchange ERC-20 address in the swap system.
Those address are shared among users in the exchange and it is impossible for the system to automaically make the follow up. Your token might be lost.

The 2 secure and cheaper way to acquire mainet token for now are the Upbit exchange, it support bort ERC-20 and mainet token or to use a MetaMask address (but u’ll need ETH for the fees)


Everyone thanks for the help. I now have an operational node.

That really is a an ordeal to get some tokens to start a node.

I’m be interested in why the process is so convoluted?

Mostly because the NKN is still fairly new. There is an exchange that does support and sell actual mainnet tokens but it’s only one iirc and I cannot remember which.

The more it grows, the easier it will become. I’m not talking about number of nodes increasing, I’m talking about the network gaining more visibility to common folk. It’ll happen over time.

There is also a discord channel dedicated to helping new node operators get the tokens required to start up.