ALLinONE-nknnode script, deploy nodes faster, with your own ChainDB!

I’ll record a video anyway

Thanks for sharing the script and your very useful information.
can you make a video tutorial that explains the deployment of a VPS via ssh please … it will help many people :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi guys, can someone helps me on how to backup the “wallet.json” and “wallet.pswd” file from a node?

Thx in advance

use scp

If node down, You can set the node ID to new vps,
Now new ID need 10nkn…

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Yes, that’s why… if you need to migrate a node, you won’t lose your already “paid” ID

This is better to do it post block 2570000, when you´are sure that the node have new ID

Hi! I have been toying a little with the dashboard, only trying to add a column with the mined blocks to see how well a node is performing, but I can’t find info on the nodedata collection.
Besides the 17 properties that nscan populates, are there any more that can be used? Where can I check?

I added it to mine but i dont know how to upload the code here, it’s a few lines…
“proposalSubmited” = mined blocks. It restart every time the node updates or restarts :confused:

Also i added relays/h and uptime. (and ID in other version just to have note)

so that’s it then, I added proposalSubmited, but it shows 0 on nodes that I know that had some block mined…
I wonder if there’s another counter like “Total blocks”
nknx showed “mined today” and an “mined history” chart like graph on the next column…

I don´t know, maybe NKNx has a kind of database of your nodes, remember that you have to login to see them

Here is what i got with the dashboard… the relays/h is a very usefull thing to see node performance :wink:

Very neat! I managed to get a Mined column, but that’s it.
Can you please send me your html config?
I’ve been trying to add a column to list the name of the node (loaded in the .js in another variable in the same position as the IPs) but Js and html are not my thing, I’m very out of my depth here.

maybe NKNx has a kind of database of your nodes

I don’t think so, It’ll burden a lot their system. It has to be somewhere in the node locally, remember that they showed it as an histogram.

Here is the “code” hehe…


In js I only managed to sort them by relays submited, I don´t know how to replace the IP by Names

How do you do that?

@RamonValdez here are you two messing with the Dashboard? Cloned it on github?

You means how to back up my nodes?

Yilun just told me all we need to do is transfer the wallet stuff, the ID is tied to the wallet.

My bad sorry, not the right place to do it :grimacing:

Nah I was just wondering if your changes are on github so I can also check it out

I don´t know how to use github, sorry…

I only wrote that few lines