An upcoming live AMA session with NKN founding team in December 2020

“All about our solution on secure remote access and connection"

—an upcoming live AMA session with NKN founding team

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We are excited to announce a NKN Founding Team AMA for our community and anyone who might also be curious about NKN and the Web 3.0 industry as a whole!

In this session, we will first talk about our recent business wins with leading NAS vendor Synology, where NKN provides a solution for users to remotely and securely access their files and applications on their NAS devices. This is a clear use case for web 3.0 adoption in the real world. After that, the community is welcomed to ask any questions about NKN and our founding team will do our best to answer as detailed as we can!

Please comment below to submit your questions, ANY QUESTION, for the team and tune in to watch our response!

We’re planning this Video AMA on december. The specific date and time will be further notified in our official forum and in our communities. This AMA will be available both in Zoom Webinar as well as YouTube Live Streaming.


Are there any metrics available to be shared, with regards to the iQIYI and other clients’ usage of the NKN Network? Bandwidth used, revenue earned, the fabled buy-backs, etc?