Auto Transfer to Beneficiary Address frequency?

I see the node accumulating NKN but they are not being transferred to the beneficiary address.
How frequently does the auto transfer from node wallet to beneficiary address typically run?

Is there a minimum amount of time or minimum amount of NKN before the auto transfer will occur?
Similarly is there a fee to use the auto transfer feature, if so what is it?

If you configure the beneficiary address correctly on the nodes, it should be instant. i.e. as soon as you mine one block, the mining reward will be automatically and instantly deposited into your beneficiary address.

The node’s shows the correct beneficiary address.
Similarly, the node’s config.json shows the correct BeneficiaryAddr.

FWIW, the beneficiary address was created via if that makes a difference.

How can you create beneficiary address on That is just a miner portal, not a wallet.

The recommended wallets are:

  1. Web wallet:
  2. Mobile wallet:
  3. Desktop wallet:

Sorry, I pasted the wrong URL. I used create the wallet address.