Bug report for proposalSubmitted

Hi, Guys:
I have a very serious bug to report to you. I have three machines: restarted the machine)
As you can see from http://nstatus.org/: has proposalSubmitted: 14 times. proposalSubmitted: 8 times. proposalSubmitted: 8 times (restarted, so no longer showed)
but I actually get nothing at all… So I think there is something run with those 3 machines.
Can you check it for me?

Hi, these nodes might not be on the NKN mainnet. Sometimes, a small groups of nodes might form their own network due to Internet connection outage at cloud service providers. They then produce invalid blocks, and it shows false mining reward.

Typically if you restart those nodes, they will be able to rejoin the correct NKN mainnet and get accurate blockchain information.

Tks. I restart these node… They still not be on the NKN mainnet…Maybe it’s the problem of my VPS provider.