Can i earn more NKN using higher specs?

Will it be possible for me to earn more NKN if i am using a higher computer specs e.g in crypto mining, KH/s will mine lower than TH/s.

Does that case applicable to NKN or we are all on a flat table with fairness distributions ?

Mining reward more relative with your network status instead of cpu or memory, for example if you have higher bandwidth or more data traffic go through your node, you will get more mining reward. In future, each node can run more other kind of task in parallel to get more reward with a special enterprise release. It may require more storage or higher cpu frequency.

I am happy to receive an understanding response.
Thank you.

@eugene this is an off topic but i do not know how to contact you through the private message.

This tutorial One-Click to build a New Kind of Network node on DigitalOcean does not cover the droplet to choose in other to choose the NKN full node, i searched for the NKN full node on digital ocean but it does not return any result.

Please explain to me in details, please see the screenshot of my digitalocean dashboard

It is in the marketplace on Digital Ocean :grinning:

DO dashboard

I have installed the NKN full but the console requires user and password; where will i get them ?

Thank you for your support.