Can I Transfer my Mined NKN to Coinbase / Binance NKN Wallet?

Can I Transfer Mined NKN to Coinbase / Binance NKN Wallet ?

Hi, there are two different types of NKN tokens:

  1. ERC-20 NKN tokens: traded on most exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance and etc

  2. Mainnet NKN tokens: traded on Upbit. Otherwise you can swap to ERC-20 during swap open windows.

Thanks for explanation ,

Can you please explain more about ERC-20 during swap open windows ?

Is there a specific date for opening? thank you


the swap Mainnet --> ERC20 windows are the following :

September 20-30, 2021
November 15-26, 2021
Future dates to be announced

You can find more information about the tokens and the swap process in the community wiki


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