Can't get NKN into Wallet to Start Mining

Why is it so unbelievably hard to transfer NKN in? I have lost $100 in gas fees trying to transfer in NKN so I can get started.

Would anyone be able to help and send me 10 NKN so I can start up my node?
My beneficiary address is - NKNFqNH3uDchdsqkE1rYuPUk4egZZWhZCXy2

I simply can’t afford any more gas fees and really want to start up my node!

Thanks for any one who can help!

Resolved in DM


Do you have any update about how we can transfer NKN to node wallet? i buy with binance 22 NKN but i can’t transfer at least 122 NKN with 58 NKN fee… this is hilarious… my NKN node wallet is: NKNS7xRjkSucxxj28WBmrteqymXH48CELrus (created with ./nknc wallet -c) - and by the way binance not recognise this address as a NKN erc-20 network address

Hi, you can check out swap info here:

I am in the same situation as nknminer, my NKN address is NKNRWKxZt9AECxNVZQc3R8rG7adve7fmthjB

I will be happy to return the NKN to whoever leaves it to me … so that I can start mining