A website called is promoting “hassle-free NKN mining”. This website is NOT associated with NKN, therefore please proceed with caution. Our CTO and another community member are testing this service, and will report back their findings.

NKN mining is so simple, anyone can DIY. Start here:



We are profoundly sorry about not getting back to you as soon as you placed your order. We had an issue with our notifications systems but that’s not an excuse for this delay. We are just a new small business and are trying to help fostering the NKN ecosystem.

We can offer you two weeks of free minings in additional to the month you already purchased or a full refund.

If you decide to continue using our service, you can send us your beneficiary address and we’ll set up the nodes for you.

Best regards,
The NKNmine team

Hi, once the other community user and our CTO report back that the issue has been resolved, we will remove this alert. Thank you.

Thanks Bruce, we already resolved the problem with the other community user, we are awaiting his confirmation to see if everything is well now and awaiting from your CTO to see what action to follow. Once again our deepest apologies for the delay.

Kind regards,
The NKNmine team

Hi, we have updated this post to be “caution”.

Hi Bruce,

We appreciate that this has been updated as we are trying to help the community.

These last days we have been working on our node analytics and monitoring tool, we already shared the alpha with our users and others can try it out too, for free:

Happy to receive feedback! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
The NKNmine team