Chain db sync, messages relayed and resume in Windows 10

Hi, ive been running the node for a day ago and have relayed 600k messages so far (and a lot of more but i´ve been having problems with my internet.. a few drops and disconections), the block height is about ~400k. I stil have the "chain db sync started", cant see my node online in nor see ever the “mining” state, and obviously 0 coins in my wallet.

The questions are:
how many hours do i have to wait so I can really start mining? I assume until the blockchain has finished syncing … is there a way I can download the ChainDB? Because it`s downloading so slow.

Is there a way I can resume my relayed messages? Because I lost them every time my connection drops and I have to start all over again.

Thanks in advance and I i`m very new to this network so please bear with me :slight_smile:


Have you had any luck with this?