ChainDB Growing 100MB+ Daily

Mining MainNet on RasPi, and my ChainDB folder grows by hundreds of meg a day.

Is it okay to delete this folder?
What will happen if I do?

It’s mining really well right now, so I don’t want to mess anything up.

This is a known problem for the last few days: due to a spam attack. Now we have implemented fix in v1.0.6, so please update.

You Should NOT delete the ChainDB folder: this include the essential blockchain data. Without a complete copy, your node will not be able to mine.

Let me ask a follow-up question then. I built 1.0.6beta last night, and it has been onine & syncing all night. I am looking at my new ChainDB right now and it is back up to 4GB again. So how large should this directory be? And does it ever stop?

This will continue to grow with every day. Because the blockchain is like a database that grows with new transactions that coming in.

The recent fast growth of ChainDB is abnormal (a few GB per week), and is due to a spam attack. Our developer have fixed the problem in 1.0.6 upwards, so the growth will be much slower. e.g. several GB per year.