Change of IP Address and NKNX/nStatus (VPN)

I have had to switch to a VPN due to what I suspect is my ISP restricting internet access while mining, and so my IP address is far more dynamic now, but it seems that right now it bases tracking of nodes on the IP Address? NKNX shows it is offline; nStatus shows it is offline (for both new and old address); nknc info -s shows me this…

$ /home/nknx/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node/nknc info -p -s
	"id": "1",
	"jsonrpc": "2.0",
	"result": {
		"addr": "tcp://[REDACTED]:30001",
		"currTimeStamp": 1624920274,
		"height": 2799157,
		"id": "ce0121259377e913ad8484133fdfa15168c5f8f5b8c0b7f97bc1173e5512ef84",
		"jsonRpcPort": 30003,
		"proposalSubmitted": 0,
		"protocolVersion": 40,
		"publicKey": "[REDACTED]",
		"relayMessageCount": 0,
		"syncState": "PERSIST_FINISHED",
		"tlsJsonRpcDomain": "[REDACTED]",
		"tlsJsonRpcPort": 30005,
		"tlsWebsocketDomain": "[REDACTED]",
		"tlsWebsocketPort": 30004,
		"uptime": 4506,
		"version": "v2.1.4-1-ge32a",
		"websocketPort": 30002

Right now it seems like it is mining, but I’m not entirely certain. What can I do to fix this?


@ChrisT might be a better help but I thing so far NKNx is only using the IP address of your node to monitor it.
As your IP is dynamic, as soon as it changes, you must change the monitored IP on the node monitoring.

Another solution would be to setup a DynDNS on your node, link it to a domain and monitor the domain instead of the IP.
I know it works for nstatus or nWatch, no idea about NKNx

I hope it help!


Yeah, DynDNS is the way to go. There is no way for any node manager to detect when your IP changes. So it is the best to set this up and add the dns name to a node manager.
NKNx can monitor DNS names out of the box.