Change wallet address after deploying

Hi everyone,

I’ve deployed a few nodes with NKN commercial and I would like to change the wallet address without disturbing the whole system. Should I just update config.json? How to reload the service afterwards?

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Which hosting service do you use?

I’m using Google Cloud.

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Use this comand to go to the nkn folder

cd … && cd nkn/nkn-commercial

Use the command below to change the old wallet adress to the new wallet address

sed -i ‘s/“beneficiaryAddr”: “YOUR OLD WALLET ADDRESS”/“beneficiaryAddr”: “YOUR NEW WALLET ADDRESS”/g’ ./config.json

Use the command below to open config.json to check if everything went well.

nano config.json

Use CTRL + X to exit

Restart the instance :grin:


After the instance restarts you can start the SSH connection again and use HTOP and check in the open processes that the NKN process has the correct beneficiary address.


Thanks a lot!

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Actually I’m curious of one thing. On the nodes that I manage manually I created services to run NKN in the background, I guess it’s working the same on a commercial instance. Is it possible to restart the NKN service or daemon without a whole machine restart?

The thing is, I don’t have static addresses and would prefer not to have to run through initialization again after a restart if my IP changes.

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Look for the PID of the NKN services that are running and restart them by the PID.

I prefer to restart the entire VPS soon, it takes less work.

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Thanks for the tip :ok_hand: