Coinbase pro say NKN wallet is invalid address

Trying to deploy a new node, and pay the ID generation fee. I tried to send the address given 10 NKN from my coinbase pro wallet but it says it’s an invalid address?

You can’t use Coinbase wallet. Try Metamask wallet and it’ll work

There are two types of NKN tokens:

  • Most exchanges support ERC-20 NKN tokens.
  • On the other hand, Mainnet NKN tokens are different. Upbit is the only exchange currently supports Mainnet NKN tokens.

In the future, we will work with major exchanges to support both formats.

Is there a bridge to convert ERC-20 to Main net tokens?

Of couurse:

Awesome, and just to be clear can I send ERC-20 NKN tokens from Coinbase directly to the bridge address or do the tokens need to come from my personal wallet like Metamask? Thanks.

It is required to send from your personal ETH/ERC-20 address.

There is a common problem with sending from an exchange wallet. Exchanges use different wallet addresses for withdrawal from the wallet address for deposit. That results in a mismatch between our swap order and the send ERC-20 address. This will cause an error in the swap system and halt the automatic swap for you. This will result in long delays or even potentially lost funds.