Considering IPv6 on NKN (discussion from Discord)


John Smith

Of course. My only hope is that every router comes with complimentary pulic IPv4, otherwise I have no idea where to get all of them…


maybe in the near future, we can use ipv6 for nkn mining.

Bruce | NKN

I believe IPv6 is supported in almost all devices with Linux for a while now. But the problem is that, as Yilun mentioned recently, that other IPv4 nodes cannot connect to you.


@Bruce | NKN if use one nknd process to bind both ipv4 and ipv6 address is too difficult, maybe we can try run 2 nknd process to bind each interface, then link these 2 nknd together on the host.

just brain storming some possibility

Lukas | NKN

Unless the world moves to IPv6 faster, this is still a utopia to be able to run only IPv6 nodes.

There’s funny thing where I live:

The only place I have IPv6 addresses is university.

ISPs here don’t even want to talk about IPV6! Or claim ridiculous things like they can’t run IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously. Reality is that if ISPs want, they can learn to do it and it’s not any big investment.

One interesting thing about US and Europe markets and ISPs: The market in Europe is very different from the US. Even in small country as Czech Republic, we have maybe a thousand of ISPs here (I mean the lowest tiers of ISPs, that you get the internet from)? Like the question of network neutrality is not even problem here, because most of the time, not always, you’d just change your ISP. In the US, you have 3-4 major providers if nothing changed.

I still think majority of the people want IPv6 just in order to do the same thing as multiport mining, you can get IPv6 addresses easily from the cloud providers in big chunks (network is the first 64 bits of the IPv6 address and then you have 64 bits for the devices - 2^64 addresses to choose from for devices). It doesn’t improve the network in any way, it actually adds overhead to your devices if you try to run multiple nodes on one device and can result in worse network experience for the users of NKN - worse latency, even with good connection.

At least IPv6 is already taught at universities as part of the general course on networks, so things might change slowly in the future. We did all of this in cisco labs and did our own ipv6 networks with physical cisco routers and cisco switches where you have to setup everything manually in console.

Conclusion: Miners with only IPv6 address cannot join the network, because the majority of people around the globe wouldn’t be able to connect to them. The world still mostly runs on IPv4. This is not a technical problem of NKN, but problem of global adoption of IPv6 protocol.