Contrast (legiiblity of texts)

Contrast could be better, IMHO.

Where grey is used for text, it’s not dark enough for me.

Pale blue text on a grey background is not great.


Normally I’d use Blacken but the modern version of the extension is not effective in this context (constraints of WebExtensions APIs, I assume):


I tried the last legacy version (2.2.33), this didn’t work, either.

I could try earlier legacy versions – caa:addon/blacken/versions in the Classic Add-ons Archive – and probably find one that’s capable of blackening extension pages but all things considered, I prefer to keep the latest version (for Firefox Quantum) …


I will darken the text, as it reads and looks better that way.

Extension-on-extension interop is a sad state of affairs, they don’t work together at all, can’t do much about that one. Definitely don’t go downgrading your browser for that.

Thx for the feedback