Correcting a transfer from ERC20 to mainnet

I input an order into the swap, but I didn’t account for the transaction fee from Kucoin. I have to say, this process was obnoxiously difficult. Now, however, it seems I may have lost the NKN ERC20 I sent to the swap broker.

Do people just run the swap broker on their own? I’d never transact any significant amount of NKN this way… I just wanted to put enough on my wallet to generate an ID.

Where can I find the ERC20/mainnet swap code?

Can I recover my NKN funds for my wallet?

I put in a new transaction with the correct amounts, but after waiting a couple of hours, nothing seems to have transpired. Was I wrong to use

Please send your support request to [email protected], with the following details

swap order id
sending wallet address
sending token transaction id
receiving wallet address

It might take a few days, but can almost always sorted out.

Hi Jason,

This is what happened:

  • the first swap order did not match the token number, thus failed
  • the second swap order was a brand new order, and failed after not receiving token within 1 hour

But per your support email, the tokens have been manually swapped.

NKN mainnet does not support smart contract yet, thus the process is a bit more complicated than other smart contract based swap tools. Some of the restrictions are purely for security reasons.


I’ll be sure to get the fee-reduced token number matched the first time, before issuing the transaction.