Customer Support Service Suggestions

Just some idea for nice to have features:

  • display message when support employee received the message.
    eg: “{Name} entered chat”
  • an indicator whether support has read your sent message (akin to :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: in various applications)
  • display when support employee is typing
    eg: “{Name} is typing…”
  • an indicator which displays whether support employee is still online
    eg: a green/red light next to support employees name :green_circle:/:red_circle:
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Add support for screenshot and file uploading. On D-chat side, it is displayed. On the customer support bubble, we can simply print out a line saying “wwwww.jpg or zzzzz.log is successfully uploaded” etc,

43 AM

Maybe a little ‘ding’ on receiving new messages? Notification with ability to mute?