Dear Administration. Please note

I’ve had my nodes on the NKN network for a very long time and they number quite an impressive hug.
Why am I writing this to you?
Because I am very much depressed by the fact that some users register amazon accounts on a large scale and run tens of thousands of servers for a very small period of time, until amazon does not block them.but they manage to get an impressive amount of rewards.
I think it’s unfair.
When ordinary users, keep their nodes for a long time, and some run a huge number of servers for 7-10 days and get a lot of blocks, and then just change servers.
You do not find it wrong.Why not make a delay in mining within a week after the launch of node?
I understand that with such guys you increase the network, but after such a completely boiled away desire to keep their nodes and keep your network STABLE.
As far as I remember, you promised to do something like this in some update, but it is still not there.

Good afternoon, comrades. Similarly do not understand the system. The author of the topic wrote everything on the merits. I have exactly the same problem, I keep nodes for 3 months and for this reason I decide to change them. Then the reward has more normal success again. I remember NKN developers talking about solving these problems, but the problem is factual.

Really, it’s a huge problem.
You should fix this situation and your network would be cleaner and more stable.
What is the point of keeping nodes stable all the time, if you can register 10000 nodes for 7-10 days and get a big score.