Depositing tokens for node ID generation

I setup a new node and now need to deposit 10 NKNs to generate an ID. How can I make the deposit? Coinbase doesn’t let me send the tokens to my node wallet.

You need Metamask.

Send ETH and NKN to your Metamask.

Then use to initiate a demand transfert.

Then send your NKN to the generated address.

Wait one or two hours max, it’s done.

Warning : it cost 10$ to 20$ in ETH as fees (gwei) to transfert your NKN. So it’s a $ loss for now until you known why your doing this…

Is Coinbase supporting ERC-20 NKN? So I swap it to mainnet NKN before depositing?

Is it possible to send 10 nkn mainnet tokens from one nkn wallet to another nkn wallet directly?

Nope. Because Coinbase doesn’t have a “constant” wallet @. What is why you need Metamask as a proxy.

Yes it is a hurdle for now…

Haven’t try but it should…

So in theory someone could send me 10 nkn tokens to generate ID and I can send 10 back when I get my first reward.

I would like to set up 100+ nodes using Digitalocean site. Is there any way, how I could deposit 10 NKN to each node without doing it manually one by one?