Destroyed nodes on Vultr still mining!

So I destroyed several nodes on Vultr some weeks ago but when I looked them up on nStatus they show as mining. Is this because all of the IP’s have been recycled to now other owners that ALL seem to be mining NKN or is something strange going on?

As an example I use to have this IP for a node. I do not anymore yet it is still mining. Does anyone here now own it for NKN node? its active
may be, why not :blush:

Because I destroyed that node. Why is it still mining? How can this be?

lol… NOW one of my “Phantom” nodes actually hit a block. Nevermind figuring this out I like this! :rofl:

It could be that cloud services like Vultr recycle public IPv4 addresses, once one account terminates a VM associated with that IPv4 address.

I can affirm that has no way to cache backend information as this data never comes through any (backend) serves.

The query when entering your IP goes straight to the destination machine and retrieves information through JSONRPC.

So indeed the IPv4 being moved to a new miner is the most plausible.

Slowly they are going offline one by one, I think when I destroyed a server Vultr just left running till rented again. No matter just strange. Thanks