Digital Ocean Account lock after creating a nkn commercial droplet

I created a digital ocean account and created a nkn commercial droplet based on the steps : One-Click to build a New Kind of Network node on DigitalOcean

The virtual server got created and it was up. But immediately Digital ocean locked my account and sent an email as below:

“Because your recent account activity is atypical, we’d like to better understand your product needs. To help us in restoring access to the account, please respond to this email message with a description of the workload you’ve deployed on your Droplets and how you plan to use your account going forward.”

I replied back saying i installed an nkn node and would like to learn more about digital ocean like creating the virtual servers etc… But they replied back saying they cannot lift my lock on my account… no reason…

“We have reviewed your request and in order to ensure the best experience for our users, the lock on your account will stay in place. To ensure the integrity of our security systems, we cannot disclose which specific factors led us to this decision.”

I have 2 nodes running in AWS without any issues. Does anybody facing issues like this with Digital ocean ?