Digital Ocean Droplet, where to find wallet file?

I have created a Digital Ocean droplet but having trouble getting my wallet password file…

Docs say to use (I have added my ip):
scp [email protected]:/home/nkn/go/src/
But this gives a usage error, if I try
scp [email protected]:/home/nkn/go/src/ wallet.dat
No error but I cant find the file downloaded?

It depends on from which working directory that you issued your scp command. Were you using Windows, Linux, or Mac?

Windows, I have searched for the file but can’t find it anywhere?

The second command you run is correct. It’s copied to your current working directory in terminal, you can use pwd to view it.

PS: you also need to copy wallet.pswd file from your DO machine (at the same location as wallet.dat), it stores your wallet password.

Yes, I didnt know I had to FTP the details, that was what no instructions said.

do y have resolved? iv same problem … dont save into my pc wallet.dat :sleepy:
do you know where can I find my private key through DIgital Ocean console view ? I don’t remember what I have to write.

I have to FTP in, then you can browse the directories of the remote server and you will see the wallet.dat and password files, then do a download of those files, I used Filezilla.

To view your private key, log in into your droplet and in the console write:
cat /home/nkn/go/src/

You can download the wallet file by using the scp command. More info about it here:

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hi bro pls what do u have wrote on filezilla… i dont know …

Thanks this is exactly what I needed.