Digital Ocean Fast Deploy - Nodes Offline

Hello, I setup 4 nodes with Digital Ocean and they are running on that side. Installation shows successful, but they show offline in the node manager. I reviewed the similar topics and don’t see any apparent errors.

Any suggestions or further info you would need for troubleshooting?

offline status




It could be in “generate id” state. You can check your node’s status by typing its IP address into

Thank you, that is helpful. The current State shows “PERSIST_FINISHED” for all 4. Is there a guide somewhere to explain the status?

It looks like I might have just needed patience because 1 of the 4 is now mining. It might be worth adding nStatus to the fast deploy instructions and a note that it can take 36-48 hours to complete the setup.

“PERSIST_FINISHED” means your nodes are mining, congratulations!

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