Digital Ocean - Locked My Account - BANNED

I created a Digital Ocean account today to deploy an NKN node. I followed the guide I found here. The Ubuntu node came up fast and without issue. I checked NKN status and it was waiting for 10 tokens. I transferred 10 token from beneficiary wallet and waited …

All of a sudden I was kicked off the terminal and Digital Ocean website. Upon re-authentication to the website, my account was “locked” due to “atypical activity”. Literally all I did was deploy the droplet, terminal into it, backup wallet/pswd and check the log.

4 hours later, Digital Ocean replied with the following:

Thank you for following up in regards to the lock on your account. To be sure, I just conducted a manual review of your account and have confirmed that we are unable to override this decision.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. Additionally, please note that we’re unable to share details regarding what led to this decision as this is critical to maintaining our security systems.

HORRIBLE experience!!!

At least I got the damn wallet/pswd so I don’t lose another 10 NKN … if I decide to keep going down this rabbit hole. The AWS node I deployed yesterday is still syncing and relay rate is <40K/hour. My windows node at home relays >354K/hour.

Not sure what I did to get banned from Digital Ocean? I was a customer for 16 whole minutes. Took my $5 pre-authorization and kicked me to the curb like trash.

same experience for me … they didn’t tell the reason too… not sure why nkn even created a 1 click installation with digital Ocean…

They did fund the $5 after opening a dispute with PayPal.

I wonder if the atypical activity was using a referral code for $100 credit. It is pretty obvious I was never going to actually spend real money for the nodes … kill them when the $100 credit ran out. That is what people do … I’m not going to spend $5 to maybe mine $4.40-ish. After the 10 NKN startup cost, you are in the hole until your 1st reward. If you don’t get a reward for 30 days you are still in the hole.

I ended up using Vultr for 2 more nodes. $100 credit, but it expires in 14 days. Same end result, I’m not going to spend 200 NKN to get 20 nodes that might not get a single reward in 14 days, or 30 days at which point I’m 40 rewards in the hole. Doing this only as for the experience and gamble, but other than the $5 I threw at it to ERC20->NKN swap some startup costs … nothing else out of my pocket.

Maybe the wrong attitude to have, that is my stance.

Same exact thing happened to me. When I asked what atypical activity meant, they responded that they could not answer due to security concerns. Horrible. Stear clear of Digital Ocean.

I got banned today, too. I tried to setup up a 2nd node. My first node ran for only 3 weeks. I looked into their terms of service and the mining of any cryptocurrency is defined as an abuse. Though, even you install the droplet from their marketplace, it seems to be forbidden.

Sections ‘Network Abuse’ and ‘Operation of Certain Network Services’ in