Digital Ocean node disk full

Hello I started a few basic droplets on digital ocean (5$/month) with 25GB ssd but they all shutdown while syncing. the console says disk full.
that means the blockchain db is too big for the small droplets now ?

Would it be worth is to spend 10$/month per node ? any way to make it fit on 25gb?

thank you !

Hi, How did you start the nodes on Digital Ocean? I used fast deploy as well as NKN Commercial recently after July 2020 mainnet 2.0, and they all work fine on 25GB $5 droplet. Your node should have enabled “pruning” by default, which should reduce the size of blockchain database size.

i use the one click available on digitalocean marketplace. no setting change.
try it yourself, the DB will grow to >24G droplet crashes no space avail.
If i upgrade the droplet to 50GB SSD the nknd starts pruning and DB will shrink but not before crashing the 25GB droplet.

I did remove the ChainDB from the ssh shell and downlloaded the bootstrap manually which works fine just a pain compared to a one click setting,

i added this to the 1 click user script, that should work

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Thanks for your feedback! We will try to find a way to make it work on $5 droplet without any manual operations

after the manual download of the db i am getting “fatal error: runtime: out of memory errors” on a few of my nodes … prunning disabled or not

This simply means your node runs out of memory. Typically you just need to restart the node (it should do it automatically if you use nkn commercial, fast deploy, one click, etc)

We have made some improvements to the block syncing and pruning part (PR 738 and 740). Now the $5 DO droplet is enough (both disk and memory) to sync from height 0 without downloading any chain snapshots. These changes will be included in the next release version (soon).

Hello thank you for fixing one bug. although now when setting up a droplet it never comes online.
After investigation, the nknd is depreciated and never comes online. I rebooted the node without change.
I have to connect with SCP to update the binaries manually and then reboot (or run nknd manually)
Could you update the binaries from the script or fix the auto updater ?

bump. this is still the case. the deploy script on digital ocean deploys an outdated version of nkn that doesnt sync!
have to update the binaries by hand before it works.

Hi, we are gradually updating all 1-click images on several cloud platforms. Thanks for your patience.

  • Google Cloud: updated to NKN Commercial 2.0 and above
  • AWS: updated to NKN Commercial 2.0 and above
  • Digital Ocean: To be done

Now 1-click NKN Commercial is also updated on Digital Ocean. Refreshed tutorial here: