Digital Ocean node displaying as "syncState": "OFFLINE"


I had a testnet node running successfully on Digital Ocean for a number of months. I have recently created a full node droplet and it appears to be running (status active in Digital Ocean) but when I check the status in NKNx it is displaying as “syncState”: “OFFLINE”. The IP is

What steps can I take to try and rectify this?


install htop to check whether nknd process is running or not.
Often times it takes a little time before the node starts Syncing, if nothing happens after 10 minutes, I’d suggest checking the process status first to make sure it’s running.


Many thanks! It turns out it wasn’t running automatically like it did before. I have started it manually and it looks good now. :+1:

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me too same problem on digitalocean

switch off on digitalocean?

No, it wasn’t the switch. It was the nknd process as MiserableOracle suggested above. You need to ssh and enable it again.

If you’ve prepared nkn.service according to the below guide, you should do following

  1. Stop the service
    sudo systemctl stop nkn.service
  2. Start the service
    sudo systemctl start nkn.service.

You can check the service status by following command
sudo systemctl status nkn.service
It should say “Active”

Section 7. Plug’n’Play Droplet
This section will help you to create nkn.service and add it into system for autorun

Make sure you wallet password is included in the necessary location of the service. Also make sure the service has the correct file path if you used a different path than the guides.

ExecStart=/home/nkn/go/src/ -p "password here"

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what is this miserableoracle. sry im noob
9 nodes 4 work and 5 off line and i dont know why

4 nodes are ok and 5 nodes off line but i dont know why

can you get a screen shot of your digital oncean droplet?

On the droplets that are OFFLINE Login to it as the nkn user and if you havent download htop by typing
apt-get install htop
then type htop to view all active processes

If its working properly you should see something like this


If you dont see anything like this then you need to double check the nkn.service file make sure it has the right file paths (if you changed them form the guides default)

If you see the nkn service in htop but it keeps restarting you have an error. Log in as the nkn user, navigate the nkn make directory, and run the ./nkn -p see if any errors are shown.

There’s a new release an hour or so ago.
Change from 1.0.1b to 1.0.2b
You’ll have to update your nodes because current nknc got deprecated
If you haven’t already made nkn-updater script, I’d suggest you to do that, so that you don’t miss an update and don’t have to constantly poll.