Digital Ocean Nodes out of space


I am getting the error

systemd-journald: Failed to create new system journal: No space left on device

What can I do without having to spend more money to upgrade size of droplet?



If you have configured BeneficiaryAddr before, then it is quite easy. Assume your existing DO node does not have any NKN tokens mined in local wallet, you can safely destroy the droplet. Just to make sure and back up if needed.

And then launch a brand new node with the 1-click or Fast Deploy: both use pruned blockchain database. These newest versions will use about 10GB in total, much less than the 25GB DO droplet gives you.

@Dudester We released v1.1.1-beta recently. The new version implemented State Pruning that can greatly reduce ChainDB size by removing unused states. The pruned ChainDB size around 4.3GB with 420000 block height.

You can enable StatePruning feature by setting "StatePruningMode": "lowmem" in config.json , or start nknd with --pruning lowmem argument.
When state pruning is enabled, nknd will prune local ChainDB first at each time be launched, which might take a long time depending on last pruned height.

Pruning an unpruned ChainDB from height 0 to 420000 maybe would take a few days, it depending on your node’s disk I/O speed, so please be patient.
On the other hand, we prepared a pruned(have pruned to height 382338) snapshot ChainDB at You can download it as your preference, then just only need to prune from 382339 to current height.