DigitalOcean has suspended my account and stopped my machines

Hello all,
I have received an email from DigitalOcean support today.
With the note that suspicious behavior has been detected on my account.

I had installed 10 nkn nodes via Marketplace Droplet about 3-5 days ago. With the 10 nodes distributed in different locations, I actually wanted to see which nodes yield the best rewards.

Have any of you had this before?

My node at home a PI4 runs for about 2 weeks (450 neighbors and about 70000 relays/h) but has not yet received any reward. Idea I actually find good with the nkn network. But slowly annoy me the stones in the way. I do not think that you can run a note through rewards cheaply.


Are you using the 100$ credits digital ocen is giving away or do you just spend your own money?

If you’re using free credit, they are just protecting their own servers from free loaders like us :smiley:

If you spent your own money, then they are just idiots.

yes I had used the 100 USD and 5USD from verify (from me).

I wonder where I can run a reasonable test times.
At AWS you have 1 machine for 1 year free, maybe I test that again.

Just contact them and tell the to unlock the account.

I would also suggest just contact their customer support and ask them to restore your service. NKN Commercial 2.0 is officially supported on DigitalOcean marketplace, and we do not use unnecessary resource and entirely legitimate.

Yes, I had already tried that, unfortunately without success :frowning:

"Thankyou for your response.

I apologize for the inconvenience, however as mentioned previously unfortunately we will not be able to provide access or unlock your account.

We thankyou for your understanding.

Talk about bullshit… At least they should give you the reason why they suspended your account.

I would keep contacting them, until they respond properly.

I must have sent 10 emails, they don’t tell me the reason. So that their security system is not compromised.
Only that suspicious behavior was detected and I have violated the terms and conditions. My account can never be unlocked again. I really have no idea.

well that’s annoying… and very unprofessional of them.

tell them to return your 5$ from the verify! They can’t just steal money and then ban you.

That’s what I got in reply. But it’s really strange that it’s only like that with me. If no one else has this problem.

Thankyou for your response.

I apologize for the inconvenience, however please note that as your account was found in violation of our terms of service, we are unable to provide a refund as the account is not eligible

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Your account has been suspended for another reason, I have a few nodes in this company and everything is fine so far.