Do I need to try to find the same location for the new node if I transfer the wallet.json and wallet. pswd to the new VPS? Or else it doesn't matter

On google cloud, I received awards, but now I have not received any awards from 15 nodes in 2 days. I understand that this is normal, but I’m afraid that the node ID may be kind of unique when created in a certain region and when moving, for example, from USA to London or from west to east USA does not work correctly My nodes are all “PERSIST_FINISHED”, and I deployed using my ChainDB. Does anyone have this information?@zbruceli

No, you do not need to worry about location. If you have the same wallet.json and wallet.pswd, then you are totally fine in terms of NKN mining.

On the other hand, nodes in different location might have different speed and latency which might impact their number of relayed message. This in turn might have some impact on your mining performance.

But it is still too early to be alarmed. 2 days is not a very long time. Maybe 2 months and 15 nodes will give you better sense of mining reward.

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