Guide: NKN’s official token swap web tool


Read me first

  • You only need to use the NKN token swap web tool, if and only if you own NKN tokens and store them in private wallet. If you use exchange (such as and store your tokens in an exchange account, you do not need to do anything since your token swap will be automatically done by exchange.

  • Please do a test swap with a small amount of NKN tokens before you swap a very large amount of tokens.

  • If you have question, please contact our customer support [email protected] directly.

This swap has nothing to do with NKN test tokens (tNKN) mined on testnet

Step1: launch token swap web tool

Go to webpage and follow the instructions to launch the token swap tool.

Step 2: Fill in the details

There are three inputs you need to enter:

  1. NEO wallet address FROM where you will send your NEP-5 based NKN token. We show here screenshot from NEON wallet, where to find this address.

  2. Amount of NKN you want to swap: e.g. 1,000

  3. ETH wallet address TO where you will receive your ERC-20 based NKN token. We show here screenshot from Metamask wallet as Chrome browser plug-in.

In the following example, you can find out your NEO address from NEON wallet. This address should start with letter “A”.
In the following example, you can find your Ethereum address from Metamask wallet. The address should start with “0x”.
Once you collect all the information, you can enter into the web tool as below. Then press “Next Step”.

Step 3: Transfer the NEP-5 tokens

One you press “Next Step” from Step 2, you will find a similar screenshot on your website. This is a summary of your swap order, with all the information you previously entered, as well as an Order ID, and swap status.

Please record your Order ID now, for future reference in case of issues.

Important note: you have to transfer the EXACT same amount of NKN token as specified in the swap order. Otherwise the order will be rejected.

This screen also shows you a very important address: “ NEP-5 payment address ”. You will need to transfer your NEP-5 tokens from your wallet to this “ NEP-5 payment address ”.
We show an example of such transfer from NEON wallet. Your wallet may have a different user interface and procedure but the concept should be the same.

Step 4: Check your token swap progress

Using the token swap web tool , when you press “Next Step” within the dialog from Step 3, or if you click on the top right corner “History” menu, you can see the progress of your token swap order. Due to confirmation time on both the NEO blockchain and Ethereum blockchain, this could take a bit of time. Please record your Order ID, in case you cannot get token swap completed successfully within a reasonable amount of time (for example, 4 hours or more).
Once you click on the “Order ID”, you can find the order details page :slight_smile:
Check your sending NEO address for balance of NEP-5 NKN tokens:
Check your receiving ETH address for balance of ERC-20 NKN tokens:


You have successfully swapped your NKN token from NEP-5 to ERC-20.

NKN token swap: NEP-5 to ERC-20
NKN Bi-weekly Report: January 15—28, 2019