Having issue with DigitalOcean node

hey all. Been having an issue with digital ocean node. NKNx.org says its offline. I checked everything in DO and it appears fine. nkn-commercial service running. But when I try to run ./nknd, I get this:

2021/11/19 20:13:49.863238 [INFO ] GID 1, use default https certs
2021/11/19 20:13:49.863464 [INFO ] GID 1, use default wss certs
2021/11/19 20:13:49.864461 [ERROR] GID 28, create new certManager err: unexpected end of JSON input
2021/11/19 20:13:49.977668 [INFO ] GID 1, database Version: 1
2021/11/19 20:13:50.265821 [ERROR] GID 1, chain.initialization error: open ChainDB/13304351.ldb: too many open files

nkn-commercial service is running - nknx.org still says its offline. I did have to make a couple of tweaks to the config.json files, but this consisted of copying from one working file into this one, so it shouldn’t change things.

Can anyone help? If I have to nuke this node, am I able to preserve the wallet info so I don’t have to pay another registration fee? IE could I just download the wallet files and upload those ot the new node? Trying to figure out how to best resolve this.

It might be that your SyncBatchWindowSize is too high? You might want to post your config.json (delete your personal stuff) and let us have a look.

On another note, if you save your wallet.json and wallet.pswd, you can copy to a new machine and start a new node. It will not need generate ID fees. But you have to turn off the old node. Since one set of wallet/password correspond to one NKN node ID, and that has to be unique.

Where woudl I find config.json in a digital ocean install? I’ve tried /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node/ but I’m not sure if thats where it should be.

Yes /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node/ is the right place

I been getting a lot of the those chain initialization errors too. I just re-download the ChainDB and resync and all is good again.