Help, I transfer the wrong num of nkn to swap

hi, admin of nkn:
I make swap order order_no012465712521651 on 2022-01-24 22:40. It required to transfer 4044.55943000 nkn to NKNVJQw55qykXsYZ79aRCqhhSf81MXcLtGm3, but I read it post by mistake. and I only transfered 4014.55943000, which show after “You will receive:”.
Can you help me return my nkn coins. Great appreciated!!!

Or: can I just transfered another 30 nkn into the target account?

I transfered another 30 nkns, It seems not working.
My account is NKNXJZJbagZKfPTkxVD21CLDVz8yoj3HSB17.
Can you help me?

Please refer to the email reply. The problem has been solved for you.
NKN team

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Thank you so much.